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Classes: Questions and Answers

These Questions and Answers are for Classes, Lessons and Workshops.

I Can't Draw. Can I still take a class?
Yes you can! Almost everybody who takes mosaics had never taken a drawing class. We can assist you with drawing out the design and choosing colors.

Is the Experience necessary in order to attend the classes?
No experience is necessary for beginner classes. Some classes are for intermediate/advanced levels. Please asked before signing up.

How Big are the classes?
Classes are limited to 6-8 people in a session. Classes taught at other workshops are subject to those workshops' policies and the number of students can range from 8-18. This gives the instructor a chance to work with each student individually.

I have a Mosaic Commission. Can you consult me on it?
Absolutely! Sign up for your one-on-one consultation where you can discuss your project in detail.

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