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Classes: Student Gallery

These are some of the mosaics that students made during the classes. Most of the students came to the studio having no art background. Click here for More Images . Please, allow some time for the images to download.

"Woman with Lotus " See Large Image  

"Mom" See Large Image



"Peter Rabbit and Others". See Larger Image


  "Boy and the Moon". See Larger Image  
"Table Top"
Materials: stone. See Large Image

"Blue Mirror" See Large Image



"Tango" See Large Image


  "Rose" See Large Image  

"Hikone Castle" See Large Image






"Composition". Material: stained glass tiles.


  "Tree". Material: smalti, jasper, plates. Groutless mosaic.  

"Landscape", stained glass tiles, agates. Large Image.



stained glass tiles.


"Women"   "Fruit Cabob"  
"Iceland" See Large Image.   "Piglet"
groutless smalti.

"Rachel" See larger image
stained glass tiles


  "Clint & Mary" See larger image
stained glass tiles

"Ammonite". Stained glass tiles.


  "Two Portraits" See larger image
stained glass tiles.

"Pillar" See larger image
Smalti, Gold on antique column.

  "Mt. Reiner". See larger image.
stained glass tiles.

Copyright Information: all mosaics are either original works by students and are Copyrighted by them or fall under "fair use" article of US Copyright Law. Although the use of the images is allowed for the academic purposes, neither of the images can be copied for commercial purposes. If you wish to use these images for academic purposes, your kind request to use the images will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation!

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