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Do you give Estimates?
We do give estimates on mosaic projects. Furniture mosaics and certain small sized wall pieces (up to 3'x4' in size): free. Other types of mosaics:$200 for projects over $10,000. Note: estimate fee will be applied towards the commission.

Do you answer Questions on Techniques?
During the time of consultation we will be happy to answer those questions related to your project. Sorry, we do not share our technical secrets over the e-mail or phone. There are many mosaic organizatons that offer technical advice that one can join in.

Mosaics & Techniques
Who Designs Mosaics
Yulia Hanansen does designs for all the mosaic pieces. All the designs are one-of-a-kind. If certain mosaic has been sold and you like the design, we can produce a piece that is similar in design and colors, however our new design will be distinct from the sample one. We do reserve the artistic right to maintain the same technical, compositional and color style.

What Materials do you use?
stained glass, smalti, ceramic tiles and plates, stone, etc. Our favorite materials to work with are stained glass and smalti. We also combine various materials.

Is Mosaic the same is Ceramic?
No. Even though many artists use ceramic pieces to make mosaics, ceramic art should not be confused with mosaic art. Ceramic artwork usually consists of a whole piece. Mosaic artwork usually has many pieces that comprise the whole.

What Surfaces can you make mosaics on?
The indoor pieces are usually made on a plywood or hardie boards, and the outdoor pieces are cast in concrete or made on cement boards.

Do you give Consultations and How Much do they cost?
We will gladly consult you on your mosaic project and answer questions related to that project. Contact us for costs.

Copyright Questions
Is it O'K to just take an image from your website and put it on mine? Is it O'K to use your images without your permission?
No, it is not O'K to do so! It has come to our attention that some companies have been stealing our designs and producing and selling artwork based on them. All the mosaic images on Mosaic Sphere's website are protected by a US Copyright Law. This means that neither of the images, nor parts of them can be used by other parties, including replicating them and the use of them on their websites and printed materials. Doing so will violate the Copyright Law. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of law and will be charged for copyright violation. If you would like to use the images, PLEASE, Kindly ASK FOR PERMISSION from Mosaic Sphere Studio to use our imagery and we will gladly grant it, if the proper credit is given to us. Usually credit includes listing our name and having a link to our site next to the image.


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