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Public and Community Projects: Medina District Library, Medina, OH

"Chippewa Creek" is a 116 sq ft (8'x14.5', or 2.44m x 4.42m) stained glass tesserae mural created by Yulia Hanansen for the Medina District Library in Medina, Ohio. The project was a part of a new addition to the library constructed by David Milling and Architects architecture firm. Click here to take a Visual Tour of the project and its progress.


Facts about the Mural:

  • the composition was inspired by a photograph of Chippewa creek and
    the quality of light produced by Tiffany's mosaic pieces.
  • 3 different versions of design were presented before the final design was picked out.
  • design was enlarged to-scale on multiple pieces of b/w paper, combined into an 8'x14.5' cartoon,
    and grided for accuracy.
  • all the panels, with the design on top of them, were marked with registration marks in order to
    accurately re-combine them later.
  • it took over 6 months to complete this mosaic from start to finish.
  • glass from at least 6 different glass manufacturers was used.
  • several thousand stained glass tesserae were hand cut and placed in sequence to form an image.
  • it took 30+ colors just to depict the sky.
  • actual sycamore tree leaves were used for the project. They were traced
    down on the glass with the metallic ink marker and then hand cut out on the band saw.
  • mosaic was created on 10 3'x4' panels at the studio. The panels were
    transported to the site and mounted one by one on the base wall. Seams
    were mosaiced to form one seamless mural.
  • It took a few days to align the panels, attach them securely to the wall,
    mosaic the seams, and finish the grouting process.
  • Mural was sponsored by generous donation by Patricia and William Boyle, library patrons.
    Thank you! This project would not have been possible without you!

Special Thanks to David Milling of David Milling and Architects for working close with me on this project, for your guidance, and for getting this project rolling in such a short period of time!

Thank you Volunteers who have contributed hours of their time and helped out with the project: Ski, Peggy Holtzman, Susan Buchan, Cherry Peirce, Gregory Sipp, Evan McLaughlin.

Special Thanks to Yakov Hanansen of Unicorn Art Studio, Inc., a large scale mosaic expert, for all your knowledge with multiple panel mosaic installation, and for helping to install this mural.

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