Mosaic Sphere Studio

 art by Yulia Hanansen

About the Master Instructor:

Yulia Hanansen, an award-winning artist and educator, has taught hundreds of people how to make and appreciate mosaics. Her workshops are geared towards the individual approach to each student. She takes care in understanding student needs and expectations. She is an honest critic and a strong instructor with the lifetime of training in fine arts. Yulia's classes have inspired many people to continue making mosaics beyond the classroom and into a professional world.


Yulia has been a guest artist at multiple workshops and studios around the country including: CMA conference, Maverick Mosaics, Unicorn Art Studio in New York City; Maryland Mosaics; Renaissance Studio, Asheville, NC; Cape Cod Mosaics, Falmouth, MA; Touchstone Center for Crafts, PA; Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown NY and many others. Yulia also teaches professional development workshops at SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) conferences.


Workshops with Yulia Hanansen:


Location: Wherever You Are!

Live-Stream Private and Group On-Line Workshops with Yulia Hanansen

Do you have a project that you need help with? Don't know how to start or what to do next? Have questions about materials and techniques?
Available now - group and private on-line lessons and consultations with Yulia Hanansen. Set up time at your convenience and get visual demos and advice on your projects. All you need to have is a laptop or an ipad with the camera (built-in camera will work), and you are ready for a personal live on-line lesson!

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Location: SAMA conference 2018, Boston, MA

Layered Glass Mosaics: Structure and Form

When: Thursday, March 15, 8am-5pm


Description: Layered Glass technique is about a free flow of tesserae used in layers creating effects of overlap, transparency, and volume. Whether it’s a mosaic depicting vast space, a detail of an animal, or a close-up of a flower, your artwork will surely have an extra dimension added to it. You will create a visual feast for the viewer! Step into infinity - even after the last tessera fills the base layer there are many more to be placed on top in intricate structures and overlaps. This workshop starts with a slide presentation on layered mosaics and a demo. Hands-on part concentrates on technical and optical effects produced with this technique. Individual instruction is supplemented with demos on selecting a color palette, cutting  Yulia’s signature brush-stroke (boat) tesserae, and structural variations in layering. All the participants must bring: wheeled cutter, tweezers, eye protection (eye glasses work well), pencil, pen, one flat plastic lid. Glass, adhesives, substrates, handouts, and other supplies will be provided. Images will be provided by the instructor.

Note: this workshop is only available for registered SAMA members.


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Location: Mosaic Sphere Studio, Baltimore, MD

A homage to Georgia O’Keeffe

When: Sat-Sun, April 14-15, 10am-5pm


Description: Flowers, skulls, and landscapes- choose your own project based on Georgia O'Keeffe's painting an interpret it in a mosaic technique. It can be a copy of a painting or a composition inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's painting. Stained glass will be used in a variety of shapes and colors. Students will have an option of working in a double-reverse technique.

Space is limited to 5 students.


To Register: contact Yulia Hanansen




Location: Touchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington, PA

Flower Power: Mosaic Flower Portraits in Realistic Style

When: September 14-16


Description: Each flower is like a person, an individual with its own character, beauty, and secrets. In this workshop, you will discover how to portray flowers as individuals. We will base the images on photos or realistic drawings, which we will then translate into the language of mosaics. We will explore the following: flower structure, close-ups, depth of field, choosing a color palette, effectively portraying flower details, composition, layout, and technical aspects of working with stained glass. Learn how to cut dynamic shapes in Yulia’s signature” brush-stroke” cut, or use traditional tesserae cuts to compose your image.


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Location: MSOP, Philadelphia, PA

Interpreting Paintings Into Mosaics

When: September 29-30


Description: Fascinated by an impressionist art? Admire Jon Sargent's watercolors or a portrait by Rembrandt? All these artworks can be translated into a mosaic medium using stained glass as paint and cutting and nipping tools as brushes. Students will learn how to decipher the sequence in which the artwork was created, how to start, follow through and add finishing touches to the mosaic, and how to pick out proper colors and assign effective andamento (the flow). To ease the process of translation the students have a choice to use a double reverse method for glass working directly over the image. Because the layout takes place right on top of the image and the pieces are adhered to a sticky film first, the method makes the color and shape matching less complicated and the whole layout process faster. After the layout is complete, the mosaic is securely adhered to a permanent substrate.


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More workshops coming up in 2018! Stay tuned!

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Mosaic Sphere Studio

 art by Yulia Hanansen

Mosaic Sphere Studio

 art by Yulia Hanansen