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Online Courses!

Check out our Learn Fine Arts online school where you can find a variety of courses on a subject of Mosaics, Drawing, and Art Foundations (Flower mosaics, abstract, technical courses on how to use hammer and hardie and hand held tools, how to price your work, drawing, compostion, etc.) The school offers full-length courses that are self-paced and are available to students 24/7 from anywhere in the world. There are FREE tutorials. You can also watch a FREE Preview for any course. All courses are professionally recorded and edited and are taught by an award-winning instructor Yulia Hanansen.

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In-Person Workshops!

Impressionist Mosaics

Location: Yulia Hanansen’s Studio, Baltimore, MD
Date: Sat-Sun, October 14-15
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Description: Learn how to create mosaics based on impressionists paintings! You will be surprised how similar impressionist paintings and mosaics can be in terms of their look and feel. We will use the shape of tessera that imitates the brush strokes. We will also talk about the colors used in impressionist paintings and how to create these color blends in mosaic art. Direction of tesserae, rhythm, and andamento will be extensively discussed and used through this workshop. Participants will be given an option to work directly on the panel or use a double reverse technique where one can work on top of the printed out sketch and later transfer the layout onto a permanent substrate. Panel size for a mosaic 12″x16″ or similar. $325, plus $60 materials fee, $385 total. Space is limited to 4 participants.


Gradations and Shading Logic in Mosaic Art

Location: Asheville, NC
Date: Fri-Sat, September 29-30
Register:  registration is through Linda Panullo’s website.
Description: HAVE YOU TRIED USING SHADING IN YOUR MOSAICS & FOUND IT CHALLENGING? Perhaps the gradation wasn’t as smooth as you expected, or the difference in colors was too great? Building gradations and shading objects in mosaics is different from when shading with the paint or pencils. Because of the tessera size the steps in shading and gradation tend to be greater, which can result in abrupt changes in the tonal values. How to make it all work to benefit your mosaic composition? In this workshop you will learn how to create optical effects with tesserae to make transitions between different shades smooth and more gradual. We will start by working with different shades of the same color and then move on to transitions made in different colors. This type of gradations could be applied to representational work, such as flower petals or landscapes, and abstract pieces. We will also discuss thin-set tinting options and how the interstice space contributes to successful gradients. Throughout the workshop, you will make several small dry-laid samples to practice your techniques before attempting a final 8”x10” project. We will work with stained glass. Students are also welcome to bring their own smalti or other tesserae that have a range of tone. LOCATION ~ THE BEAUTIFUL CANOPY GALLERY IN THE GARDEN ART BUILDING IN THE RAD (RIVER ARTS DISTRICT)  IN ASHEVILLE, NC


Mosaic Portraiture with Smalti Glass

Location: Yulia Hanansen’s Studio, Baltimore, MD
Date: 2 Saturdays, October 28, November 4, 9:30am-4:30pm both days.
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Description: Creating mosaic portraits can be challenging and at the same time fulfilling. Challenging because of the decisions to be made about the use of the materials, andamento, shading, and other details that portraits come with. Fulfilling because of the results that embody taking on the challenge, following through, and completing the portrait. In this course learn how to create mosaic portraits with smalti glass. We will start with learning how to draw andamento that follows the form of face. After the andamento is drawn out we will proceed with selection of colors for your piece. Smalti comes pre-cut into pieces and we will only need to quarter those pieces to prep them for the portrait. We will start working on facial details paying very close attention to the layout of eyebrows, forehead, nose, eyes, lips, and the rest of face. We will also talk about what layouts work for representation of hair. Class will meet 1 Saturday on October 28 and another Saturday on November 4th, which will give you plenty of time in-between the sessions to work on your portrait independently. The work will be continued during the second session with progress frequently discussed and monitored.    $350, plus $90 materials fee, $440 total. Space is limited to 4 participants.


In the past Yulia has taught workshops throughout the country including: Chicago Mosaics School, Unicorn Art Studio, Maverick Mosaics, Santa Barbara Mosaic School, Asheville, Mosaic Society of Philadelphia, Cape Cod, Michigan, Charlotte, Seattle, and other locations. If you would like Yulia to teach a workshop in your location, please Contact her with dates and space availability.