Unique Artwork by Yulia Hanansen

Pieces are made for private and public spaces. Yulia works with individual clients as well as with interior designers and organizations. 

Welcome to Mosaic Sphere Studio, LLC! Studio is owned and operated by Yulia Hanansen, M.A., M.F.A. We create one of a kind artworks that are designed for the following media: Mosaics, Prints, Paintings, and Drawings. Works are available for commission or one can purchase them from our current collection of ready-made pieces. We also offer a selection of online courses hosted on our educational site Learn Fine Arts

Mosaic Sphere Studio was founded by Yulia Hanansen in 2001 as the mosaic artwork and education studio. The studio has grown through the years to offer artwork in a variety of media. 

Yulia Hanansen’s artwork is characterized by its exceptional quality, organization, and attention to detail. Each piece, whether it be a print, drawing, mosaic, or painting, is created after the subject matter is thoroughly researched, the sketches are produced, and the composition is established to artist’s and/or client’s satisfaction. From the concept to the final brushstroke each piece is unique in its making. 

Mosaic Portfolio

Discover modern mosaics.


Monoprints, lithographs, etchings, and more.



Flowers, Landscapes, Abstracts.



Cosmos, Botanicals, Abstracts.

More artworks you will love


Yulia’s award winning artwork is about innovation and collaboration of arts and sciences.


Commissions for Site Specific spaces.

We will oversee all the aspects of creating an artwork from the concept and design phase to installation.


Unique Style That Speaks

Unique artwork using unusual combinations of the materials.


Art for Your Home or Business.

We can help with the decisions on design, color, and size to fit the artwork into your space.