Neolithic Arrowhead 1


A limited edition, original, hand-drawn lithograph printed from a stone by an artist.

Print size: 9″x12″ (ships in 11″x14″ package), printed on Domestic Etch archival paper, deckled edges, artist signed and numbered.

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Native American arrowheads were used for hunting, warfare, and ceremonial purposes by various indigenous tribes across North America. The arrowheads were typically made from flint, chert, obsidian, or other types of hard, durable stone materials, and were often intricately crafted with great skill and precision.

The use of arrowheads was an essential component of Native American life and culture. Different tribes had different styles and techniques for making arrowheads, which varied by region. Some tribes believed that arrowheads had spiritual significance and would attach them to arrows used in ritual ceremonies or in burials. Today, Native American arrowheads are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their historical and cultural significance. The Neolithic skills are still practiced to produce samples of the arrowheads.

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