Neolithic Arrowheads and Axes Series, 6 Prints


A limited edition, original, hand-drawn lithographs printed from a stone by an artist. Buy the entire collection!

Each print measures: 9″x12″ (ships in 11″x14″ package), printed on Domestic Etch archival paper, deckled edges, artist signed and numbered.

These prints can be individually framed or put into a 6 opening mat and framed as one artwork.

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Neolithic age marked a developmental revolution in the history of human kind. One of the most important technological advancements was the development of stone tools, including axe heads. These axe heads were essential for clearing land for agriculture, cutting down trees for building shelter and boats, and processing animal hides for clothing and shelter. They were also used in hunting and warfare. The ability to produce stone tools allowed humans to manipulate their environment in ways that were not possible before, leading to the establishment of permanent settlements and the rise of complex societies. These are the seeds of Human Origins.

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Dimensions 11 × 1 × 14 in
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