This is one of a kind, unique artwork that was created piece by piece on a hand-formed substrate. Please Contact Us to commission a similar piece of a different size or color.

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“Redshift” from ”Light as a Wave as a Particle”  trio of works. Can be purchased separately.

Artwork Size: 27”x27”. Ships in a 36x36x6 container.

Materials: smalti glass on hand-formed substrate.

Light can behave as a wave and as a particle. This duality is showcased in a ”Light as a Wave as a Particle”  mosaic done on a wavy substrate using small size hand-cut smalti glass. “Redshift” panel represents light that has been traveling away from us, that is “red shifted”. Because red light has a longer wave, there are fewer waves represented in this composition comparing to the full spectrum ”Light as a Wave as a Particle”  piece.

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 36 in
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