This work is for you, Cosmos lovers! “Candidates” is about the discovery of extrasolar planets around other suns in our galaxy. According to Drakes’s equation, many of these alien worlds should be candidates for supporting life.

Archival paper and traditional mosaic making materials such as glass and stone were used to create this mixed media mosaic. Creating this piece is a labor intensive process as it involves preparing each strip of paper and each small piece of mosaic tessera by hand. There are three stages in creating pieces like this. First one is all about concept generation and getting the idea down in the sketchbook. Second, is the selection of the materials and material preparation. Third stage is making a piece out of the prepared materials. Although I have a sketch available, this type of a mosaic making is rather a spontaneous process with decisions being constantly made as I progress through the piece.

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Size: 26″x36″. Materials: archival paper, glass, mortar on a panel. Ready to hang as is or can be further framed.


Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 26 in
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